ToughArmor MB411SPO-1B (12.7mm ODD) kieszeń 2,5" SAS/SATA do wnęki Slim ODD

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Metalowa, SATA 6GBit/s, HDD Tray, Up to 9.5mm drive height, Slim-ODD, Hot Swap

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Introducing the ToughArmor MB411SPO-1B, a full metal 2.5” SATA / SAS hard drive / SSD mobile rack designed to fit into a 12.7mm slimline optical disk drive bay (Slim ODD bay) that is available in laptops, desktop PCs, and workstations. The MB411SPO-1B uses a full metal construction to ensure maximum device lifespan and is capable of withstanding the harshest environments. The EZ Slide Micro carrier tray supports any capacity 2.5” (5 – 9.5mm) SATA hard drives and solid-state-drives (SSD) and provides hot-swap capability for quick drive removal and the easy drive maintenance. In addition, the MB411SPO-1B supports up to 6Gbps transfer speed, with receiving connector rated for up to 10,000 drive insertions.


Utilizing its heavy duty design with hot-swap drive function, the MB411SPO-1B is a perfect storage device for those who need high-quality, robust, removable drive enclosure to store, transport, and protect their sensitive data such as government agencies, digital cinemas, and small business organizations.

Slim ODD Bay Compatible
The ToughArmor MB411SPO-1B has the exact same form factor of a slim ODD, including the outer dimensions, port locations, and mounting holes, allowing it to fit perfectly into any 12.7mm slim optical bay. With ToughArmor MB411SPO-1B, you can quickly add a hot-swappable 2.5” SATA HDD / SSD to any system that has a slim ODD bay such as laptops, rackmount computers, IPCs, workstation PCs, desktop computers, OEM / ODM systems, embedded control systems, and factory automation systems.
Removable 2.5” Drive Design
The EZ Slide Micro carrier tray supports hot-swap and makes drive maintenance completely hassle-free in the event of drive failure, drive transport, and drive archive. With this tray, down time from a swap of a hard drive is now greatly reduced. Featuring both durable and slim design, the trays are built with robust solid metal frames to securely mount and protect 5mm to 9.5mm height HDD/SSD, creating a reliable 2.5" hot swap bay for any standard slim optical bay. The EZ Slide Micro carrier tray is also compatible with ToughArmor MB992SK-B and MB996SP-6SB, making drive interchangeability between systems as easy as 1-2-3.
Exceptional Build Quality
Ensuring the material used can be relied upon for many years after its deployment, the MB411SPO-1B has a heavy duty metal construction throughout the entire device, capable of holding up in the harshest environments. The ToughArmor’s full metal design is perfect for industrial devices that may require a flammability rating since a full-metal construction already complies with flammability requirements.
Versatile Utility & Security
To bring more utility to your hard drives and SSDs, a LED is installed into the front of the mobile rack to provide drive status information at all times. Active Power Technology (APT) allows device power to be on only when a drive is inserted into the enclosure. The ToughArmor MB411SPO-1B uses a single 13-pin slimline SATA cables to power & access the MB411SPO-1B.
Compatible with Laptop Optical Bay (12.7mm height)

Transforming your optical CD/DVD-ROM bay to a hot-swappable 2.5" SSD bay is a simple task. However, for some Laptops, the ODD has a bracket attached in the rear. The bracket needs to be removed and installed onto the rear of MB411SPO-1B before inserting into the laptop's optical bay.



Kompatybilne dyski
1 x 2.5" SATA SSD/HDD (do 9.5mm)
Podłączenie zasilania
1 x SATA 6pin power Slimeline connector
1 x Slim ODD bay
Szybkość transferu
do 6 Gb/s (w zależności od szybkości dysku)
Interfejs wewnętrzny
Bezpośrednie podłączenie SATA
Materiał wykonania
Sygnalizacja LED
Zasilanie HDD i Aktywność HDD
Wymiary (dł. x szer. x wys.)
127.8 x 12.7 x 129.4mm

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ToughArmor MB411SPO-1B (12.7mm ODD) kieszeń 2,5" SAS/SATA do wnęki Slim ODD

Metalowa, SATA 6GBit/s, HDD Tray, Up to 9.5mm drive height, Slim-ODD, Hot Swap

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